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I seek to be home, just as my twin would realize the state of being at home in me as well. When not in school, I enjoy astronomy-related activities, dining out, and vegan cooking. I have 5 cats, 3 of which were the result of a rescue abandoned. I have been a user of "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" since Been veggie since , and vegan since It is important to note that I am not seeking someone to "complete me," rather someone who can "add" to my life.

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I'm sincere, and emotionally available. I've worked in corporate and also played in clubs and now moving towards a new career as writer and creator of music sitcoms. I love all kinds of music, especially Latin, Jazz and blues. I'm not into serial dating or game playing.

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I just want to share the company of someone who is looking for some fun and a solid guy who is not into me, but into you, while giving you all the space you need to create, live, and love. I'm also happy indoors, cooking and baking, for myself, for us, for a dinner party. I knit, draw, am a continual beginner Spanish student, and read voraciously. I volunteer, mentoring women newly entering the corporate world, and sometimes at the farm sanctuary. My youngest girl is a junior at college, so both are very independent, yet also still a primary part of my life.

The bond the 3 of us share is beautiful and precious to me. I miss them as children in my home, and am proud and humbled by who they are, and are becoming. I strive to learn, to develop and understand myself and others, and with this I've found deep peace and at times, an overflowing joy. I sleep well, and wake up happy.

Whatever you are going through will eventually change if you make it happen. I am very laid back and level headed. Italian Jersey girl but not a princess by far. Recently got into Veganism. I have two daughters who are passionate about animals and the environment. Love cooking and trying new recipes. And yes you must love dogs!

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I do love bike rides and walks and dabble in yoga. Sometimes, things don't work out the way we want them to. I am fond of yoga , sports, runes. I love nature, forest, sea. A raw eater since Raw foodists friends there, friends there are vegetarians - some people. A vegetarian since I love animals, became a vegan because of compassion for our lesser brothers.

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The rawfoodist became because of the desire to become more energetic. Believe that a diet of raw plant purifies the body and mind. Live in Crimea and Moscow. I live in Crimea a zoo, 14 dogs, 2 cats and a crow. All the animals were saved from euthanasia and streets. With animals is my mom, she loves dogs. Have a grown up son he is studying in 2 institutes at the faculty of history and construction. My dream is to travel, to visit interesting places and socialise with like-minded people.

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  • English I write through the translator. Native language is Russian. Long term, I am looking for someone who has a mostly whole plant based diet, doesn't have a bunch of young children, is interested in being the best version of himself, has a tenacity for life, is mature and responsible, practices Humility, sees the positive side in situations, can laugh at himself and Life, has integrity, confidence, has a big open heart, knows how to thrive in life, values relationships over business, enjoys having muscle and is of course good looking to me.

    No one is perfect and I still am working at being the best me I can be. I do my best to be all that I seek. I have a mostly whole plant based diet because personal health, the health of the planet and respect of its animals, are important to me. I began college in my late teens and soon realized it was not for me so I used my money to travel and spend time in 47 countries.

    I have lived in France for 3. I was an avid climber, scuba diver, snowboarder and paraglider. Through the years I have come to appreciate things that are kinder to my body and don't end me up in the hospital ;. I am a Respectful, Responsible, Goofy, Introspective person. I would like to find someone with an astute sense of humor, enjoys taking care of their body, continues to grow themselves and wants someone to grow with. I love putting my energy into and doing my best to cultivate harmony and balance here.

    Distance isn't a problem for me, I do love my alone time. I am very environmentally conscious and strive to do my part to make as small of a footprint as I am able. I thrive on deep connections, spontaneous communication, laughter, open mindedness, shared healthy habits not to say there isn't a time and place for splurges Conscious awareness and compassion for self and others, Comedy and Inspirational topics and the beauty and Power of Nature. There is always more but we must end somewhere ;. My current mission is serving as a meditation and yoga teacher and author. I focus particularly on East-West understanding and mystical Bible interpretation.

    I also draw inspiration from music and nature. My students seem to think I have quite a sense of humor - at least I hope that is why they are laughing. I am willing to relocate. I'm happy, positive and humble. I love learning actualy I have been learning since I learned to learn..

    Would like to meet someone that respect all people, cultures, religions, classes and environments. My home is in my heart, I am in the world but not off it. I am in service to humanity and the earth and always do my best and not worry about the rest. I have great passion and compassion to help elevate humanity to greater consciousness.

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    I am at home in the squirms of a big city, in the wilds of the beautiful african planes and the stillness of my soul. I laugh a lot. Currently i am in India namaste but my destinations change frequently. I strive for harmony and balance in all aspects of life. I really want to find the right guy for me, and be his best friend and girlfriend. It seems hard sometimes to find real compatibility, but I'm determined.

    I will try harder to appear in your life real soon, my love! Here is a list describing the kind of guy I'd like to be with, and the relationship we'd have, which also tells you a lot about me. It's okay if some things are different from this list, but there should be really strong compatibility.

    If many of these ring true and you really like me, go ahead and send a message. If you message me, please tell me what you liked in my profile! I'm pre-op and am flat-chested by the way. He'd show her off to his friends, and not care whether they "know" or not. He'd worships her and her body as the essence of divine femininity, just as he too would be a god to her and she'd worship all of him. He's either already vegan, or would be excited to go vegan with a little encouragement.