Boxing matchmaking

Our fighters are ready and willing to fight abroad anywhere anytime. Cannes France - Trieste Italy Comments: Over semi-professional shows in the past 5 years in Montana. Team Azteca Boxing Club Phone: I owned a boxing gym in San Antonio for 4 years, and have since moved into matchmaking.

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If you are looking for fights please contact me. I make it my priority to match you with a fair fight.

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I boxed myself and trained lots of fighters I know what to look for to make sure you are matched correctly. If you are looking for a fight please contact me or send me a description of your fighter.

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Thanks and Good luck. Recently taken over the management of Chinese woman boxer Jin Ding - we also provide assistance to Wadzanai Magombo Seeking more involvement with women boxers. World Class Athlete Program Phone: With A record of 8ko. I also train Asia Mays who is an up and coming Welterweight with a record.

The Matchmakers

Owner of Tyrant Boxing Inc. Director of Railside Boxing Gym. Inventor of Tyrant Boxing Methods and Programs.

Education and Study in Physical Body Mechanics. Azteca Boxing Club pro boxers only You Tube footage: I have three professional boxers looking for fights. Jose Marrufo lbs to lbs daybue amateur record ; 2.

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  5. Andres Ortega lbs to lb daybue amateur ; 3. Walter Melchor lbs to lbs as a pro fighter please email me if you need this fighter for any boxing pro show thank you. Azteca Boxing Club pro boxers only Location: We are a non-profit boxing club reaching out to our young men and women to better themselves in every day life.

    Roberto Diaz Documentary - Golden Boy Matchmaker

    Las Vegas, Nevada Phone: Team Lowery Boxing Location: Silver Spring, Maryland Phone: Looking to recruit ametuer and professional fighters. I am an ex-professional boxer myself. I udnerstand the commitment and dedication to become a World Champion. Their input is invaluable from a handicapping standpoint because in the process of doing their job, matchmakers are constantly thinking in terms of the percentage chance; the likelihood, of one fighter beating another.

    Among other things, the matchmaker does just what the name implies — he puts together matches.

    Warrior boxing matchmaking

    The quality of the product the promoter puts out to the public is largely dependent upon the kind of job his matchmaker does. Obviously, anyone can put two fighters into a ring with each other. But the better matchmakers are the ones who have enough skill to be able to strike a delicate balance between attaining a certain level of quality in the show and meeting the larger objectives. He must often preside over the weigh-in, act as a liaison of sorts between his employer and the boxing commission, and frequently can be found scurrying around the venue on the night of the show making sure everything proceeds as planned.

    Some get less, for smaller, dark off-TV shows. I used to be a matchmaker myself. In fact, at age 25, I was probably one of the youngest matchmakers in the world at the time.