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Then they go on and on about how you have to learn to trust, etc.

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Even their usernames look fake. They look something like this: Some copy and paste your profile info about me, interests, etc. You have to observe and be attentive when you date them in person and you may find out something good or bad. I just new a guy that hot would not be interested in me. Thank you so much! Another big give away is the age range.

How to Identify Scammer Profiles with Google Images

Another good way is in the use of grammer. Many russian and african fakes always have trouble with small things like contractions, the wording is way to proper or a bit reversed. You can also o throw down a saying that most oeiple would know but the fake profile will ask you what you mean as they dont understand. Also describe a place they should know and either add something that is obvisouly not there ie: They will also give very detailed and believable profile descriptions of themselves and what they are looking for.

They will have a location that is close to you in their profile. This was a new one on me.

Someone Made a Fake Online Dating Profile with a Photo Stolen from My Blog

I google searched one of the photos, and it could have been a real person. I caught the catfish by cutting and pasting a couple of the more unique sentences from the profile into the google search box.

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A lot of the previous posts here are older and scammers have gotten better, but one thing remains constant: I cannot stress this enough. In a world where mature couples and young ones too! I joined and it was the biggest mistake I have made in a while. AND, the ones I think are not fake are just so not my type, which I spelled out on the profile. It should look something like this: However, you should see a link at the top that says: There are two things I would encourage you to watch out for where this process can be well worth the thirty seconds it takes: I mean that the lighting is perfect or that things are posed in every single photo they have.

These are mostly used by people who are not fluent in English. The user selects they type of profile they wish to create and within seconds they are ready to start mingling online with their fake profile.

1. Are They From Another Country, Particularly Nigeria?

There are many reasons why someone would create a profile that was not legitimate. The most common type of sinister fake profile is someone our of country who is trying to get you to send them money through Western Union. Believe it or not, there are people who make thousands of dollars pulling the heart strings of online daters.

Most, but not all of these scams originate in Africa. Ghana and Lagos are popular hot spots for people with fake profiles. They tend to target men with an enticing photo of a beautiful young woman and give a story of hardship. Needing money to return to the US or UK for example, or a story of a ill relative that needs money for medical help. Other targets for dating scams and fake profiles are late middle aged women. Usually someone who has gone through a divorce, lost a husband or has been single for a long time.

The stories they give are along the lines of working over seas, usually in some high paying job like gas and oil. You may be surprised! These type of scammers usually will refuse to talk on the phone in most cases.

They will try to get your personal information such as address and start sending their victims gifts. These gifts are sometimes sent from other people. They will claim it is from someone who works for them and is still living in the United States or United Kingdom. In reality these gifts are coming from someone else who is also being scammed by a fake profile.

After they groom their victim and earn their trust, they then start having them pick up and ship items to them that are usually bought with stolen credit card information. They create an entire mini network of package sending through out their ring of victims to attempt to keep things as untraceable as possible. There are multiple types of scams using fake profiles and they become more complex and advanced as efforts to combat them push forward.

Pictures can be gathered anywhere on the internet.

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Fake profile pictures are usually easy to spot, but people with fake profiles are becoming more clever as time goes on. Most fake profiles have one photo of an attractive person, but there are a lot that have moved on to the more average approach. Trying to make their fake profile seem as real as possible. With sites like Facebook for example, it is pretty easy to obtain a few lifelike images opposed to the airbrushed model photos that have often been used in the past.

When it turns out you’re dating a stock image

Online dating sites are the primary target and none of them are immune. Some sites are better at weeding them out than others. For example, detecting proxies, common ip addresses, email blacklists, image matching and user reporting are just a few techniques used to fight dating scams. POF seems to be one of the better sites at monitoring for fake profiles and they usually do not last that long if they are created. But you need to be smart when online dating to avoid being scammed.

Read the profile carefully. Look for things like broken English or inconsistencies. A lot of fake profiles state the same things.

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Talking about how they are God fearing, want to get married and so on. Just keep note of this.