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One woman from Greece seemed so real. She was 46 and cute, bright and happy. I searched for reviews and my thoughts were confirmed. Especially when talking to their customer service. Thanks men for having our back. Great subject matter Scott. Just wanted to say thanks brother. Cheers, Kevin from Ventura, Ca. Thanks for your comment. That says a lot. Hi Stefan, I can reassure you AnanastsiaDate. They started out legit in as a Russian Bride mail order catalog by an American and his Russian wife.

Back in the s you would see advertisements in the local newspaper from Russian women looking for a husband. These ads were the work of the local scientific research and development companies wanting to employ the worlds top scientists in their company and the top scientists have always been Russian and could only get them into the country by way of a fiancee visa and marriage against the odds of America instructing our Govt.

Anastasia went online in using the domain http: You did not have to register to check out the ladies profiles and it became a common work place past time. They used to provide the ladies addresses and home phone numbers on the profiles and some were free to contact as some ladies in Russia paid to use the service.

I was involved with Anastasia back in and where I wasted 6 months on a scammer who tried the airline ticket scam. I aware of the scam thanks to Elena publishing the ticket scam on-line. And over the years I would recheck. She was still 55, 16 years after I first saw the profile. I later found a fake email in the sent box to her that I never wrote. The profile would never answer my repeated request that we do video. The fake profile had requested pics of myself and my family but would never respond to my request for a current pic.

The person using the profile went of at me for not sending birthday wishes when my first letter was send after the birthday. I was eventually sent a pic telling me it was from her birthday in December.

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Today she will be in her 70s. I have put the sick person using the profile on the spot several times demanding we do video. Below is the last response after posting to the scammer the Work Brides description advertised. I have got your letter. It was, let say, strange behaviour of a strange man. I am not suspicious, but you are, as I can see. And all the rest of your letter just confirms that you are a very strange and a very suspicious personality.

I hav told you many times that I am serious and not interested in aspects of Anastasia rules and so on… I am also curious why you having been stalking the ladies profiles since and have seen my profile there since only. You should find it since , if not from , at least! Everyone gets what he is worthy or looking for. With this kind of intention and profile you can not meet a serious person.

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I am sure, girls feel it and play with you like you play with them. Equal situation, nothing else. But sorry, not mine and not for me! Your letter is more addressed to management or administration of dating website. So, please, contact them and disccuss it there. I was just wondering if you have any insight on this website above?

And if it so, is legit? She has also wanted me to come visit her but she mentioned about meeting somewhere like the Caribbean. I ask her what about meeting her in her own town and she said we could if I wanted to meet there. Was just wondering what your thoughts would be on this? If you had any information on what I should do or the website above I would like to hear what you would have to say about it!!!

Sorry the website was http: Your profile must be completed to view. You have to pay for EACH message to the woman.

Why not just get a membership where you can pay once, get her email and talk for the rest of your life without hassle? It is free to attach photos and there is no word limit. This proves the lady is who she says she is when you can talk to her in person. In addition, each lady registered on the site is verified by the a local team of managers in Ukraine.

You mention that you have to pay to join the site, this is simply not true. I would encourage you to create an account and try out the service before passing judgement. If you have any questions, the site owner, Keith or any of the Ukraine managers would only be too happy to answer them directly. In the case of your site, it seems that I have to buy a crap load of credits, then send letter after letter to women who may or might not be interested in me.

And if they reply, I have to pay more money to send more letters. And in this way, if I want to talk to women, it could cost thousands. I agree with your statement that it all does come down to what you get for your money. The process is designed to wear down the client and in many ways, to confuse him or her as to the actual price of the car.

This agency seems to capture this method flawlessly as I cannot tell how much anything will cost. In my opinion, this is neither in the best interest of my readers, nor is it particularly honest. It is also easy and safe to sign up….

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Bottom line up front: You know how much it costs. Why deal with all of the headache and sales games? Also, I just wanted to say thanks for bothering to look at the site and for giving your opinion: As such, I would ask that you delete all of the visible comments from this post so as not to present this illusion of a one-sided debate. Thank you for doing this for me. I would have preferred to continue the discussion, however that is your choice. As far as I can tell, all that needs to be said has been said:. But I see no reason to banter back and forth quibbling over the finer details of what constitutes a good deal.

If you wish to engage in such conversation, I encourage you to begin your own blog and tell the world your story. You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but in the end the truth will shine through and the BS will be obvious. And as such, I will NOT recommend it to my readers. I just came across this thread and I would like to offer my input. I have definitely found the ones to avoid like Anastasia and the endless list of full scam sites. I judge each site on several factors which insertagencynamehere.

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I am a current member of Insert Agency Name Here, my second time, and have had a mostly positive experience with them. I do not get overwhelmed with letters, in fact, I may go weeks without one. They have an excellent anti scam policy. If you accidentally send the same letter twice to a woman the system automatically refunds your credits.

You have the option of a short message, I believe characters, for 1 credit. Their customer service is extremely helpful and amazingly fast to reply, sometimes within minutes. It can get expensive. Overall, in my opinion, they are one of very few PPL or minute sites that are legit. Take it for what it is, an honest opinion from a consumer and a guy looking in Ukraine for a wife. I removed the name of the agency because it fails one of my most basic rules: These sites are notoriously rife with fraud.

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Your description of the fees of this agency are ridiculous. My friend, you are talking complete sense here. Once I got my sixteen obligatory letters written and was able to communicate by personal email, the communication either vanished immediately, I was prodded back to the website, or I got strung along for about a month and then. What is really scary. I am a criminal defense lawyer. I deal with liars, frauds, and cons all day long. Nature overrides reason at every turn. I think I will try your route.

But limited number of women since he only solicits there in that city. Thanks for your insight Scott. That is what kept me reading in the beginning. I am going back to read some of your comments.