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In , the show began airing in the UK on the Disney Channel , which was edited for children's viewing.

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The series was shown on both these channels full uncut, despite the fact it was shown pre-watershed 9. Season 1 was released in Britain on September 1, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. List of 8 Simple Rules episodes. Page 1 of Retrieved October 4, Retrieved July 29, The Show Must Go On: Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved August 22, Retrieved from " https: But while talking to Kyle at the party, Kerry is shocked when a spark is ignited and the two share a romantic kiss.

Paul and Cate try to discover what is hidden in Rory's secret box. They find Paul's sports articles, but Rory really has fireworks.

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After finding out that she kissed Kyle, Bridget gives Kerry the silent treatment , which is anything but quiet for Paul. That night, Paul has a dream on the set of Three's Company in which John Ritter rose to fame , which parodies the show right down to the last detail. In the dream, Kyle Jack pretends to be gay in order to fool Paul Mr.

Roper , so he can have Bridget Chrissy and Kerry Janet. They are soon joined by Cate Mrs. Roper and Rory Larry.

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Back in real life, Bridget goes to Kyle's new apartment to break up with him. Not surprisingly, this was John Ritter 's favorite episode of the first season. After Bridget is caught sneaking out of the house, she tells Paul and Cate that she has a dream of playing in an all-girl band.

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Paul suggests she take up an instrument. Bridget chooses to take up drums. Paul hires her a drum instructor, named Ben Nick Carter , who Bridget becomes infatuated with, but is much older than she is. Meanwhile, Kerry is upset with her ex-boyfriend, Jason, when he calls Cate pretty and feels she has to compete with against her mother and sister for attention. When Bridget learns that Ben is leaving to go back to his college in Ohio, Bridget decides to follow him. To cover, she says she is going to a sleepover. Kerry invites herself along in hopes of foiling Bridget's plan, but Bridget ends up going to Ohio State University where Ben goes to college anyway.

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Later, Paul and Cate find out and go after them. Rory is reading To Kill a Mockingbird , and wants to find the part where the mockingbird is actually killed not realizing that there isn't one at all.

Meanwhile, when Paul tries to help Rory stick up to some bullies at school though all they'd done was call him one name at the beginning of the episode, it turns out that he was wearing slippers. He is then on referred to as "Slipper Dad". Rory is also humiliated by this. At the end of the episode, Rory dumps a whole box of slippers on Paul.

Rory comes home with exciting news to tell Cate: Carter has also invited the Hennessys over to his mansion for dinner.

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While there, Paul makes a joke to the kids: But when they get home, they discover Rory took Paul's joke too far. It turns out that Rory stole a picture of Carter and Paul Newman. Paul sneaks to the mansion and returns the picture. Later, Carter's crew chief Cody Grant arrives at the house and tells Paul that Carter has turned down Paul's services. Paul was caught on a security camera when he was returning the picture, and he goes to Carter to straighten out the situation. While there, Rory confesses to having stolen the picture, and Paul was returning it.

Carter sees something in Rory that he looks for in all the students in a program for at-risk kids that he runs: Carter asks Rory if there was anything he could get for him. It appears that Rory is going to ask Carter to reconsider having Paul write the book, but he ends up asking for the security camera tape with Paul on it which annoys Paul to an extent. Meanwhile, Bridget has been constantly psycho-analyzing Kerry, which annoys her. So she gets back by telling Bridget that she has a disorder called narcissism. Kerry devotes her school video project to Bridget to illustrate the hypocrisy that life is much easier for the beautiful people.

But when Bridget discovers that the video makes her look shallow, she takes Paul's advice to enrich her life by taking up tennis again, and ends up with a broken nose. Bob and Mike Bryan , the No.

While vacationing in Florida at Cate's parents' home, Paul and Cate catch Bridget and Kerry on the evening news partying with a group of Spring Breakers. But before a punishment can be implemented, the news runs archival footage that features a young, wild Cate letting loose in a bar, leading the girls to believe Cate is hypocritical. Meanwhile, a jealous Paul meets Byron, the man that Cate went out with during her college sophomore year, and Rory befriends Jake Fisher, an elderly gentleman whose stories about World War II turn out to be more fiction than fact.

When Cate is offered a promotion at the hospital, Bridget is upset, as she depends on Cate to help her with her family tree project for school, while Kerry encourages her mom. However, when Cate is offered the promotion, she declines it, as it is too much stress on the family.

8 Simple Rules 1x01 [Pilot Pt. 1]

It is revealed that Bridget wasn't really upset; she was just fooling Paul, and Kerry was trying to cover up the fact that she missed Cate. Meanwhile, Paul tries to introduce Rory to the world of baseball cards to take his mind off his monkey obsession. However, Rory manages to trade the cards for a monkey, which he names Kirk Gibson possibly to fool Paul. Bridget Hennessy Amy Davidson Kerry Hennessy Martin Spanjers Rory Hennessy Larry Miller Connelly Billy Aaron Brown Jesse Edward James Gage Edit Storyline In the Pilot episode, Cate decides to return back to work while Paul tends with the family.

Shady Acres Entertainment , Flody Co. Edit Did You Know? Mom says I'm ready to drive. Mom also thought I was ready for fatherhood. Add the first question.