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Grab a nice suit from Perseus. Alex likes her men well-dressed. Just remember to change outfits between dates. Take her to play pool or to a comedy show. Either one works great. Just don't take her to Jerkov's Bar. She'll tell you a story about the place and while she won't hate you for it, you can do better.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Girlfriends FAQ/guide

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She is currently very involved in a blog, and aspires to write books and even movies about herself on two dates, she first says she is discussing it with a movie producer that she is dating, then says they didn't make the deal. Though she normally mends her self-esteem issues with shopping and blogging, when drunk she will admit that she hates herself. She also likes when Niko takes her to The Triangle Club and Honkers strip clubs, which she expresses is meant to give her ideas for intercourse with Niko.

She continued to date him despite unpleasurable sex and his breath smelling like "dog shit", likely because of his extreme wealth although she claims to have a very complex love and attraction to him. Alex is portrayed as extremely wealthy.

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Although the LCPD calls her "delusional", leading to rumors that she bluffs and embellishes her lifestyle, they confirm that she is "high society". Her credit cards are frequently maxed out, because she buys six-figure dresses for herself and weekly champagne enemas for her chihuahua Valentino. In some cases she must call her father to raise the limit on her cards, and in other cases she shoplifts arrested for it once in , with a dress.

She also goes to Maisonette 9.

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She likes being driven in expensive cars like the Turismo and the Infernus though the Comet obtained after the mission " No. She does not like the Banshee , however, as the game does not classify it as a sports car. Alex dislikes it when Niko uses the same vehicle and wardrobe in successive dates indeed, unlike, for example, Michelle , Alex is often seen wearing different clothes from one date to the next.

She does like Darts and Pool although she disses the activities on her blog. Her favorite visiting locations include Split Sides comedy club and the Perestroika cabaret club in Broker , and will criticize Niko if he decides to leave early i. She also enjoys eating at The Superstar Cafe.

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She dislikes eating at diners, claiming they have "bad service". She is one of only 2 girlfriends who enjoys strip clubs. Alex also likes motorcycles, claiming It brings back some memories.

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What makes Alex an interesting character to date is that she writes a blog on blogsnobs. Niko can access her blog by going to blogsnobs. Here, she blogs regularly about her dates with Niko.

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This can be useful, because depending on how the blog is written lets the player know if the date was successful or not or if the places she went was favourable or unfavourable though this isn't always obvious - for example, she technically likes playing darts, yet will write unfavorably of the activity in her blog. She will also occasionally send pictures to Niko's phone of herself, or randomly text him with pointless jabber.

However, she will also send Niko texts requesting dates as well.

Alexandra Chilton

One text received once her approval is high enough has her indicating that Niko can get a discount at clothing stores after calling her. Alex's name might come either from Alex Chilton , a musician of the s, or from The Replacements song called "Alex Chilton", which is dedicated to and about the musician.

Her name can also come from Paris Hilton, whom she is partially based on though Hilton's true parody seems to be Cloe Parker. If you go on enough dates with Alex, Niko will eventually open up to her to which she says, "for her blog" about his presence in the terror of war, his friends being butchered on a hillside, and his hope of "I just want to be loved.

She asks Niko about his occupation, and grudgingly he replies " After a certain amount of dates and Niko asks to come inside enough times, Alex will reveal on her blog that she filmed a video of her and Niko having sex but she did not tell him. She also says that she will find a suitable soundtrack and will put it on Electrictit. Although never actually seen, the video could well be an in-joke reference to the "Hot Coffee" controversy.